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Architectural Films and LEED Certification

Window films have been used for many years, primarily for their ability to reduce solar heat gain and save energy. With the advent of green building and sustainable development standards, window films can now play an important part in green building certification, such as LEED for Existing Buildings

LEED Certification (See U.S. Green Building Council web site,

• LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
• LEED EB – LEED for Existing Buildings

Window films can assist with obtaining up to 7 LEED Certification Points in the following areas:
• Light Pollution Reduction (1 pt)
• Optimizing Energy Performance (1-3 pts)
• Improving Thermal Comfort (1 pt)
• Providing Daylighting and Views (1-2 pts)

Energy and Atmosphere - Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance 1 to 3 points


Achieve increasing levels of energy performance above the prerequisite Energy Star Rated Building standard to reduce environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use.

How Window Film Can Play a Role
Window films can provide 5-15% whole building energy savings, enabling improvement in the Building Energy Star Rating, providing 1 to possibly 3 LEED points

Indoor Environmental Quality - Credit 7.1 Thermal Comfort: Compliance 1 Point

Provide a comfortable thermal environment that supports the productivity and well-being of building occupants

How Window Film Can Play a Role
A majority of building occupants report a significant improvement in thermal comfort after window film installation, due to reduced solar heat gain

Indoor Environmental Quality - Credits 8.1 and 8.2 Daylight and Views 1 to 2 points

Provide a connection between indoor spaces and the outdoor environment through introduction of daylight and views into the occupied areas of the building

How Window Film Can Play a Role
Solar-Control and Glare-Reduction Properties of window film often helps to significantly reduce the need for closed blinds or shades, thus improving the introduction of daylight and a connection to the outdoor environment – light reduction from window film is LESS than total view and light reduction from closed blinds or shades

Sustainable Site - Credit 7

Light Pollution Reduction 1 Point

Eliminate light trespass from the building and site, improve night sky access and reduce development impact on nocturnal environments

How Window Film Can Play a Role
Window film reduces light trespass from building at night since most films reduce light transmission 50% or more.

Architectural Films & LEED Certification in Seattle, Tacoma & Bellevue WA areas.