Building Energy Analysis Program Seattle Tacoma Bellevue WA

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In an effort to attain relevant data and accurate performance values for our advanced glass coatings, Seattle Eco Coatings,dba –ABC Sun Control,Inc. has developed a comprehensive analysis package for your energy control projects.

This solution-based approach compiles detailed field data along with powerful DOE2 software producing a solid ROI report that will help with your decision making process.

General procedural steps for the analysis process are as follows:

• Identify the glass model and type with necessary metering devices

This will help to determine: glass condition; glass type; glass thickness; air-space (if applicable); coatings; current BTU effectiveness; current UV effectiveness; dual pane seal integrity

• Reproduce this baseline glass model in Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Windows 5.2 fenestration software – We now will have the most accurate light spectrum values of the existing substrate to measure any specific window film for energy reduction capabilities

• Discuss results and percentage value improvements

This information will give preliminary data for finalizing film choice and indicate probable performance expectations. This will also help determine if the full ROI program is warranted

• Field Survey/ Data Collection

If ROI program is deemed necessary, extensive building data will be required. This will be performed both from field surveying and engineering specifications, requiring participation from the building engineer or facility manager

• ROI Completion/ Consultation Review

Once the building has been fully modeled on DOE2 EQuest software, an appointment is set for evaluation and results. At this point you will have a firm handle on the investment and performance expectations

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Building Energy Analysis Program in Seattle, Tacoma & Bellevue WA areas.